Established in 2000, Saka is an innovative design and build company which offers professional design, consulting, and construction services in architecture, interior design and furniture design with services in new construction, renovation, and reconstruction projects. Throughout our existence we have worked successfully with a wide range of clients from private residential projects right through to large-scale commercial investment projects.

We strive on delivering a quality service to our clients within proposed budgets and lead-times. Our main focus is to improve the quality of life through space. With ‘simplicity’ as our philosophy, we aim to create spaces that are pure, honest, and functional. We take the essence of the client’s brief and fuse it with our individual design vision and creative insight to create what we believe to be the “sweet sugar”, or Saka (sugar in Acehnese), of a concept, which is thus the starting point of all relationships and projects.

Conserving and improving the quality of the environment is another one of our primary goals. The fast pace in which the world is growing means that environmental damage is a direct bi-product if such development, we at Saka believe that good design should enhance the environment in which we live in rather that idea its deterioration. As part of the global community, we feel a direct responsibility to maintain natural and sustainable methods where possible. Therefore, as design company we embrace the notion of responsible design.

Inspiration is created within the dynamic team at Saka by merging centuries of art, history and tradition, with individuality and modern ideas, influences and techniques, against the backdrop of nature, to produce a new language of design, unique to Saka.

Our Team

Aan Oebit

Founder of Saka over 17 years ago, Aan bases himself out of Jogjakarta. Aan is very proficient when handling larger scale projects from over thousands room hotels, resorts to shopping malls. He is a visionary who’s talent lies within optimizing every aspect of a project to its fullest potential. Aan runs SAKA’s headquarters in Jogjakarta which accommodates over 25 technical staff. His hobbies are golf and touring the country on his motorcycles.

Herry Oebit

Brother of Aan, Herry runs our SAKA office out of Aceh, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The Tsunami sticken provence needed much help in rebuilding and structural revival after one of the worst natural disasters in history. Herry helped rebuild several aspects of this city. Herry also has several years of experience working in technical fields in Japan. He is a lover and collector of classic off-road vehicles.

Novan Purba

Having Grown up in Utah, United States, Novan is a certified Landscape Architect. He has worked for over a decade in furniture design and manufacturing, working on small hospitality businesses to large 5 star hotel projects around the world. His understanding in master-planning and structural matters has made him a huge technical asset to the team. Anything is possible with this talented man. Novan created a man made beach in his backyard and also loves constructing and customizing 4×4 cars.

Hamish Daud Wyllie

Hamish grew up in Bali, Indonesia and completed his higher education in Sydney, Australia. He currently bases himself out of the SAKA head quarters in Bali as a creative principle. Exposure to design and manufacturing from a young age has given him experience and developed his creativity allowing him to understand client demands. Hamish’s strength lies with communicating, interpreting and producing the clients vision. His hobbies are surfing and exploring nature.

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